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Good Neighbor Healthcare Center – Today

Health centers play a major role in caring for the newly insured, particularly during a period when many had difficulty finding primary care, while continuing to serve uninsured residents. Health centers also provided insurance enrollment assistance for the newly eligible.

Good Neighbor Healthcare Center (GNHC) provides affordable healthcare to low-income and working families in the Houston area for now more than 40 years. Over 85% of our families have at least one family member who is employed. Even so, most of them are uninsured. Our youngest patients are newborns; our oldest are two sisters now in the there 90’s who have been coming her almost since the day we opened. We have treated three and four generations in many of our families.

Founded in 1968, with the support of Chapewood United Methodist Church,, St. Philip Presbyterian Church,, and St. John the Divine Episcopal Church,, the original clinic opened in a former Weingarten’s store at 277 west Gray. After 40 years of faithful service to the community, GNHC outgrew this space. In spring 2008, we moved our “home” base to the city-owned West End Clinic located at 190 Heights Boulevard Houston, Texas.

Full access to high-quality health care remains a crucial need for low-income and minority patients living in Harris County, where more than 30% of the population under the age of 65 has no health insurance. Mortality rates relate to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and HIV / AIDS are high and a number of key indicators – high rate of teenage girls giving birth, teen mortality, low-birth-weight babies, obesity, tuberculosis infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and lack of dental care—all point to a community in a health care crisis. As a result, this population lives with chronic, untreated medical problems or inappropriately seeks care in local emergency rooms, burdening local hospitals.

By directly addressing crucial community and cultural needs, GNHC continues to have a positive impact on the health of the population we serve.