Project DERM

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to get a skin cancer screening exam?

  • Uninsured/underinsured/Medicaid or Medicare eligible and/or low-income
  • Adults

Who should get a skin cancer screening exam?

  • Anyone who has a spot, mole, or lesion that has grown or changed recently
  • Anyone who is worried that they may be at risk for skin cancer
  • Anyone who has had sunburns in the past, frequent sun exposure, history of frequent tanning, fair skin, personal or family history of skin cancer

What conditions aren’t discussed during a skin cancer screening exam?

  • Acne, allergic rashes, or cosmetic concerns

How is the skin cancer exam done?

  • An MD Anderson dermatologist conducts the skin cancer exams – the exam can be a full body skin exam or focus on specific lesions.
  • The dermatologist will also conduct a free biopsy, if it is needed, and the results are sent to Good Neighbor in approximately one week.
  • If the results are positive for skin cancer, Good Neighbor and MD Anderson will work together to navigate the patient to treatment, usually through Harris Health System.

What’s the cost?

  • The skin exam and biopsy are completely free.  If additional treatment is needed, patients are referred to Harris Health System where cost is based on income.